Academic Services


The Department of Academic Services is vested with the responsibility of coordinating Curriculum Development, provision of Instructional Materials, Library Development, Teacher Professional Development, Guidance and Counseling and Sports/Quiz Activities in the UBE Commission. 


The major functions of the Department includes:

  • Coordinating and formulate guidelines on the utilization of the Federal Government Intervention Funds by States in the provision of instructional materials as well as Teacher Professional Development (TPD).
  • Promoting Physical & Health Education, Sports/Quiz, Guidance & Counseling services and other Curriculum activities in schools.
  • Stimulating the provision and coordination of functional libraries for all UBE target groups for the enhancement of learning-to-learn skills and a reading habit for life-long literacy
  • Stimulating and sensitizing the States to their responsibilities in the provision of quality Early Childhood Care Development and Education (ECCDE); and
  • Serving as the Desk for Joint Consultative Committee on Education (JCCE)/National Colleges of Education (NCE).


The Department comprises three major Units as follows:

  • Academic Planning (AP)
  • Educational Support Services (ESS) and
  • Teacher Professional Development (TPD)

a. Academic Planning Unit

The Unit consists of the following sections

  1. Curriculum (ECCD, Primary and JSS)
  2. Instructional Materials
Functions of the Academic Planning Unit:
  • Coordinates all levels of Basic Education i.e. Early Child Care Development, Primary and Junior Secondary Education;
  • Prescribes Standards for Curriculum development and implementation in the UBE Programme;
  • Liaises with relevant Agencies and Parastatals in developing and reviewing ECCDE, primary and junior secondary curricula consistent with the UBE Act 2004;
  • Supports States to ensure every learner has adequate access to good quality textbooks and other instructional materials to facilitate effective learning;
  • Liaises with and assists SUBEBs in the area of development and training for the effective utilization of instructional materials; and
  • Coordinates the effective participation of the UBE Commission at JCCE and NCE meetings.

b. Education Support Services

This unit is managing ancillary activities that complement provision of quality education and covers the following areas:

  • Sports and Physical & Health Education;
  • Guidance and Counselling (G&C); 
  • Co - curricular activities; and
  • Library services.

Functions of ESS Unit

The Unit initiates and coordinates programmes and activities relating to:

  • the development of Guidance and Counseling Services in the UBE Programme;
  • Sports Development in the UBE Programme;
  • library information services to staff and accredited stakeholders;
  • library services at SUBEBs and school levels;
  • the promotion of literacy and reading culture in the UBE Programme; and
  • management of the UBE Headquarters’ Library mainly as a clearing house of information on the UBE  Programme.

c. Teacher Professional Development Unit

Teacher Professional Development (TPD) is one of the mandates of the Commission. 10% of the 2% Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) of the Federal Government is earmarked for conducting trainings and boosting the capacity of teachers at the Basic Education level.  In fulfillment of this, UBEC has been coordinating the conduct of Teacher Professional Development programmes by State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBs) since its inception. 

The UBE Commission and SUBEBs actively collaborate with International Donor Partners (IDPs) in the conduct of the these Trainings while adopting best practices.

Functions of the TPD Unit
  • Coordinates and develops guidelines on the utilization of the FGN/UBE Intervention Funds by States for Teacher Professional Development.
  • Ensures judicious utilization of funds released for Teacher Professional Development activities.
  • Ensures that teachers and education managers are regularly exposed to trainings and retraining for quality basic education delivery.
  • Monitors Teacher Professional Development Training conducted using FGN/UBE Fund.

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