Federal Teacher's Scheme (FTS)


The Federal Teachers’ Scheme was established in 2006 as part of the Federal Government’s intervention to assure quality basic education delivery in Nigeria. The Scheme recruits unemployed holders of the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) for a two – year teaching service in public basic education schools (ECCDE, primary and junior secondary).


The objectives of the scheme include the following:-

  • assisting States to reduce shortage of teacher requirement for the success of the UBE programme;
  • exposing young NCE graduates to full practical experience in their chosen career;
  • ensuring qualitative education of candidates in the UBE programme; and
  • providing employment to NCE graduates.
  • Structure 

The Unit is headed by a National Coordinator who is assisted by staff deployed from other Departments in the Commission. The Scheme is implemented using the existing UBEC structure (Headquarters, Zonal and State Offices). The Commission works closely with the SUBEBs, through a designated Desk Officer, appointed by each Board. The Desk Officer oversees the day to day implementation of the Scheme at the State level.

Functions of Federal Teachers’ Scheme Unit

The functions of the Federal Teachers’ Scheme Unit include the following.

  • Conduct of the selection process of enlistment of candidates into the Scheme.
  • Deployment of selected teachers to States.
  • Maintenance of accurate database on the Scheme.
  • Monitoring the performance of serving teachers and generating reports for Management consideration.
  • Preparation of monthly list of eligible participants for payment.
  • Coordinating other activities relating to the Scheme such as induction/orientation training, capacity building and physical verification of serving teachers.
  • Liaising with the State Universal Basic Education Boards on matters affecting the implementation of the Scheme.
Eligibility for Enlistment 

The guidelines stipulate that in order to be eligible for selection, a candidate must:

  1. possess the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) from a government approved institution obtained not earlier than 2013;
  2. specialise in any of the following subjects: English Studies, Mathematics, Science, Vocational Studies, Computer Science, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Nigerian and Foreign Languages;
  3. not be in employment with any organisation during the period of service; and
  4. not be above 40 years of age.

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