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The Department of Finance and Accounts was established at the inception of the defunct National Primary Education Commission (NPEC) in 1988 and it takes care of all financial matters of the Commission. 


The Department is headed by a Director and assisted by (5) Deputy Directors and two (2) Assistant Directors. It consists of 4 units, namely: 

  • Expenditure Control; 
  • State Accounts; 
  • Funds and Budget; and 
  • Final Accounts. 

In addition, the Department supervises the financial activities of the Federal Teachers’ Scheme Sub Unit.

The Department had a total number of 44 staff domiciled at the Headquarters and 41 spread across the 6 Zonal, 1 Sub-zonal and 30 State Offices. Details of Staff disposition in the Zonal, Sub-zonal and State Offices is given in Zonal Office Report.


Apart from its traditional functions of financial record keeping, payment of staff salaries, preparation of Annual Budget, and preparation of Annual Financial statements, the Department is also involved in fund disbursement to States, Financial Monitoring, Sourcing of funds and payment of Federal Teachers’ Scheme participants’ monthly allowances (Primary and JSS).

Some of the specific functions of the Department are as follows:

  • Disbursing the FGN–UBE Intervention Funds to states and other providers of Basic Education;  Click here to access more information on Matching Grant Disbursement
  • Conducting Quarterly Financial Monitoring of the FGN – UBE Intervention Funds; 
  • Verifying compliance with 50% State counterpart Fund lodgment requirement; 
  • Advising the Federal Government, through the Federal Ministry of Education, on the funding of Basic Education in Nigeria; 
  • Preparing and presenting Financial Progress Reports on the Implementation of the UBE Programme to Mr. President through the Honorable Minister of Education; 
  • Managing Local and International Donor Agencies Grants; 
  • Liaising with other relevant bodies, such as Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Ministry of Education, Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation, Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation, National Assembly, the Presidency, etc, on matters relating to funding of Basic Education; 
  • Preparation of the Commission’s Annual Budget; 
  • Preparing Cash Flow Analysis; 
  • Determining the basis of allocating Funds to states and other UBE Implementing Agencies; 
  • Preparing and presenting the Commission’s Annual Financial Statements.  
  • Keeping the Commission’s financial records; 
  • Recommending for the appointment of External Auditors for Annual Audit of UBEC/ SUBEBs in respect of FGN-UBE Intervention funds; 
  • Providing other financial advisory services to the Commission on Taxation, Investment, and Foreign Exchange Management. e.t.c; 
  • Processing and payment of monthly allowances to Federal Teachers Scheme Participants; and 
  • Processing and payment of monthly staff salary, emoluments and other financial entitlements.

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