Department of Tsangaya(Almajri) Education Programme


Tsangaya (Almajiri) Education Programme is one of the initiatives of the Federal Government to address the problems of out-of-school children with the following objectives: 

    • provide access and equity to Basic Education for all Almajiri school age children. 

    • discourage and gradually eliminate itinerancy and begging of Almajirai in the country. 

    • support the emergence of an enabling environment that could facilitate the effective integration of Islamic disciplines into basic education programme.


The Department under the headship of an Assistant Director who is being assisted by other two (2) officers. The Assistant Director, who coordinates the activities of the Department, relates with State Universal Basic Education Boards on Tsangaya Education Programme and reports same to the Executive Secretary. 


The Department carries out the following functions:

    • implement all decisions of the Universal Basic Education Commission Board and management on Tsangaya Education Programme. 

    • initiate plan and programme for implementation of Tsangaya Education Programme. 

    • coordinate the activities of State Universal Basic Education Boards that are related to Tsangaya Education Programme. 

    • collect, collate and report status of Tsangaya Model Schools to Universal Basic Education Commission Management. 

    • carry out other duties as directed by the Management.

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